Pressure relief

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Today, people easily spend over 6—8 hours a day in their chair. Inevitably, there are problems associated with this life pattern such as poor blood circulation, pelvis pressure, hemorrhoids, prostate disorders, and obesity. Because of this change in life pattern, people sitting in traditional chairs might experience one or all of these problems.


After being seated for a while, our gluteus muscles tend to flatten under the weight of our upper bodies, resulting in tension on the ligaments connecting our pelvis and back muscles. Our back muscles then tighten and create stress to our back.

Every Hara chair is designed to fit and adjust around your body, instead of forcing it to adjust to a traditional chair.


A Hara chair is uniquely designed to eliminate and ease these problems by providing a way to maintain proper posture and circulation. Hara chair has changed the traditional single base and a back support structure. Weight of the upper body is spread evenly on two bases and the bases can be customized to it and support the pelvis of individuals.

The separation between the bases allows better air circulation and helps blood circulation, This can prevent problems caused by sitting in a chair for long periods.

The Harachair was created after a deep study of the human body to make it possible for you to have the best support for your optimal health.

The contoured high back rest and dual seat pads provides well distributed support to these problem areas. By spreading the upper body weight evenly across the two bases, the Harachair promotes these healthy advantages:


It reduces pressure on spine and ligaments, reduces wear and tear on joints

The angled support restricts the spreading of the lower pelvis, which in turn reduces pressure on your lumbosacral spine and ligaments, thereby minimizing wear and tear on your sacral joints.

It balances the spine

When the pelvis is misaligned and the ligaments are weakened, the spine tries to compensate by twisting into an S shape, resulting in further lower back alignments.

The Harachair's two separate seat-bases can be adjusted to balance the pelvis and thereby help balance the spine.

It improves concentration

As it provides for more dynamic movement while we are seated, the Harachair reduces fatigue and stress.

- and it Improves circulation

The separated seating pads reduces pressure while promoting better blood and air circulation. The even pressure distribution can be readily proven when a comparison is done with a pressure mapping device.

Prolonged sitting on a conventional chair may result in injury to the spine and hips.

Most of the aches and pain we experience can be traced to not having the right chair to support our bodies.

When selecting a good office chair, most of us know the importance of strong back support to maintain

a proper posture. However, we do not realize that good back support is not the only important consideration towards proper seating ergonomics.